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DP Theatre: Creator, Designer, Director, Performer: Home

Use this as a starting place for some of your exploration into specialist roles in theatre.

Organizational chart by Boston University Stage Troupe Policy Manual <>

AISL Library Youtube Playlist of Theatre Roles

Click here or on the image below to go to the AISL Library Youtube playlist of theatre specialist roles.

Connect, Extend, Wonder Visible Thinking Routine Based on Your Specialist Role


IB Theatre Creator, Designer, Director, Performer Project

1. What questions do you have about the theatre role you will explore?

2. How will you organize your notes: in a mind map, a chart, sketches, or other? Be careful not to copy & paste information!

3. Track your sources: this is much easier to do as you go along rather than after the fact!

4.How can you share what you have discovered creatively?