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Nature Connection on Campus: Home

Check out the nature connection activities and resources created by Grade 8 students to encourage AISL community members to get in touch with our amazing on-campus nature.

On-Campus Interactive Nature Map

Check out this interactive map of the AISL campus to see where you can find a nature connection experience. 

Connecting with Nature Matters: Here's Why

This short video explains the difference between being in nature and connecting with it, and it explores the importance of nature connectedness to human health and wellbeing. 

Nature Connection Activities for Everyone

Check out these nature connection activities. They can be done in any natural space, and will help you to feel more relaxed and creative. 

On-Campus Nature Connection Activities

Here are some Nature Connection Activities created by the Grade 8 students of 2021/2022. Take some time to try some of them out on our wonderfully wild campus.