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Gr10 I&S Food Security: Home

Use this guide as a starting point for your research into food insecurity.

Today's Plan

Today's goal: To evaluate the causes and effects of food insecurity through the creation of a research report that focuses on the country of your choice. This is based on pages 224-225 of your I&S book.

1. Using 10 words or less, say why food security matters.

2. Using the graphic organizers on this page or a different one of your own choosing, explore the websites and videos on this page (choose at least two of each) and make notes using these resources.

3. Track your sources using Noodle Tools.

4. Your exit ticket for today's class will be to upload either a Padlet response or a Flipgrid video that shares your learning. Details for this are right on either the padlet or the flipgrid.

Remember: You CAN also use tools right on the main virtual library page. Global Issues in Context is a great resource for this assignment, too.

Useful Websites

Flipgrid on Food Security

Padlet for Posting Responses Related to Today's Learning

AISL Library Youtube Playlist of Videos Related to Food Security

Global Issues in Context