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Global Day of Design: Grade 6

Use this libguide as a starting point for Global Day of Design challenges.

Invent a Sport

Questions to Consider

1. Invent a sport using at least 4 of the items in the box

2. What is the goal of your sport?

3. How does a person or team win your sport?

4. Is there a point number to reach?

5. Do players or teams take turns?

6. Does the game have a total allotted time, or a score to reach, or a destination to reach?

7. What is the number of players?

8. Is it a team or individual sport?

9. Do you have multiple teams?

10. What are the player(s) positions?

11. What are the rules?

12. What is allowed or forbidden?

13. Where will the sport be played? Is it indoor or outdoor?

14. What are the dimensions of the playing area?

15. What instructions do you need to provide players?