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HS Library/IT Advisory: Digital Citizenship

Making Thinking Visible Extensions

"I used to think, but now I think"- have students complete this statement and discuss after viewing video & having library discussion.

"Think, Pair, Share"- have students think about what they have seen, share what they found interesting with a partner, and then share with the larger group.

"3-2-1 Bridge"- Initial Response & New Response

      Ask students to generate 3 words that come to mind when they think of this topic

      Ask for students to generate 2 questions that come to mind regarding the topic.

      Ask for students to generate 1 metaphor or simile related to the topic.

Repeat the above after viewing the video.


Advisory Videos can also be found here:

Common Sense Media Digital Bytes Haters & Trolls

Step 1: What does 'Haters & Trolls' mean to you? How can we relate to 'Haters & Trolls' in Zambia? Is it a bigger/smaller issue here compared to other countries? Why?

Step 2: Watch video

Step 3: Use the following discussion points

  • What is your biggest takeaway from the video?
  • What has stuck with you the most and why?
  • What do you want to know more about?

Step 4: Record your thoughts in your MB portfolio journal

Common Sense Media: Feeling on Display Online (3:35)

Step 1: Watch the video

Step 2: Discuss thoughts & feelings using the prompts provided (see attachment!)

Step 3: Write a brief reflection in your MB portfolio journal

Primary Assistant Principal: Technology and Innovation