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Gr7 Inventions: Home

Please use this guide as a starting point for your exploration into inventions.

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Featured Books From Our Library

Aztec, Inca, and Maya

We rely on technology to make our lives easier, faster, and better. Our buildings, machinery, vehicles, clothes, metals, food, medicines, and weapons depend upon it. But many of the technologies we currently use have their origins in the distant past. Technology in Times Past looks at civilizations in the ancient and medieval worlds and explains the technological advances made in those times. Each book presents a clear insight into the way people lived and shows examples of how some of those ancient technologies have developed, and are still in use, in today's world. Book jacket.

1000 Inventions and Discoveries

Produced in association with the Smithsonian Institute, this volume contains fascinating stories and vivid illustrations accompanying tales of developments in technology and science that have shaped the world. Full color.

Africans Thought of It

Did you know that aloe vera--now found in countless products, including sunscreens and soaps--was first used by Africans? They ground it into powder and used it to treat burns and other skin conditions, and hunters used it to disguise their scent from animals. They also used the nutritious oil from the fruit of the oil palm tree in everything from cooking to medicines to wine. And the marimba, better known to us as the xylophone, is believed to have originated 700 years ago in Mali. Other unique African innovations include the technique of banana leaf art and using horns--and hairdos!--to communicate important messages. Africans Thought of It features descriptive photos and information-packed text that is divided into sections, including: * Agriculture * Food * Medicine * Music * Architecture * Games & Sports This fourth book in Annick’s successful We Thought of It series takes readers on a fascinating journey across the world’s second largest continent to discover how aspects of its culture have spread around the globe.

A to Z of Inventions and Inventors

Following curriculum guidelines about science as human, this reference series is a fun introduction to inventions and the folks who were both curious and dogged enough to create them. An added feature, related invention shows how one invention may beget many others, a family of inventions.