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Karl Nova: Home

Start here to learn more about the award-winning UK performance poet Karl Nova.

Karl Nova Official Website

International Style Music Video by Karl Nova

Spoken Word & Slam Poetry

Websites of interest

Lesson Plan for Intro. to Karl Nova

Statement of Inquiry:

Self-expression takes specific form for the purpose of reflecting and reinforcing cultural and personal values.

1. What is poetry? What are some essential elements for a group of words to be considered a poem?

2. Choose a spoken word video from the Youtube playlist on this page

3.  What do you think "Spoken Word" means as an art form? How is it the same or different from poetry as you are used to experiencing it at school?

4. Show Karl Nova's "International Style" spoken word video (available on Youtube 4:22 min.)

Questions to Explore with a Partner:

5. To what extent is cultural identity inherited or personally created?

6. What characteristics does a society need in order for someone to have the freedom to construct their identity?

7. Show Vimeo video from website: Mini doc chapter 5: "For Such a Time as This" (1:00 min)

8. What are some of the key concerns or ideas Nova is exploring in this segment?

9. 3 Ys: Why are the ideas in this segment important to me? Why are they important to my school community? Why are these ideas important to the world today?

10. Show Poetry? (poem)- also on official website- good intro. into how Nova got into poetry (1:13 min)

11. Generate 3 questions to ask Karl Nova.


- Questions should be open-ended (not yes or no or one-word answer questions)

- Show that you've done a bit of research into Karl Nova and that you know a bit of background about him