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Gr8 I&S No Impact Culture: Home

Please use this guide as a starting point for our exploration of No Impact Culture.

What is your impact on the Earth? Calculate your Carbon Footprint

Try these Carbon Footprint Calculators for an idea about the impact of your lifestyle on the Earth!  

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Environmental Footprint Calculator Carbon Footprint Calculator Ecological Footprint Calculator

What is the No Impact Project?

In New York City in 2006, Colin Beavan and his family embarked on a year-long project to see if they could live in a way that produced as little waste, and causing as little harm to the Earth, as possible. From transportation and food, to electricity and trash, they reinvented their whole way of life with wonderful and surprising results. Here is an interview with Colin and his wife in which they reflect on their experiment and what they learned from this experience. 

You can watch the full documentary No Impact Man on youtube.

No Impact Man Trailer

No Impact Man Full Documentary:

What is sustainable living?

in order to understand sustainability, you first need to understand what a resource is.

So, what is a resource? And how does my relationship with, and use of, resources matter to the world? 

The foundation of all resources is made up of natural resources; these are the products that come from nature that we use to make synthetic resources. Without these, we will not be able to continue to live the way that we are today. 

What is sustainability, and why does it matter that we live sustainably? 


How do humans impact the Earth?

If we continue to use our natural resources as we are, what will happen to the Earth and all the living things who call this planet home? 


What can humans do to have a positive impact on the Earth?

Get inspired by these 30 cool things about going green!


What can you do to ensure your impact on the Earth is a positive one? Here are some resources to inspire you!


How can humans live in balance with nature? Sir David Attenborough provides some suggests about what our next steps should be...

No Impact Culture: Unit Outline

Head to this GoogleDoc to get an overview of the the No Impact Culture Project Timeline.