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Gr6 Science Plants: Home

Use this guide as a jumping off point for your research into plants.

Websites to Explore

Newsela Articles Related to Plants, Trees, & Deforestation

Monitoring a Critical Step in Reversing Deforestation in Zambia

Research Tools

Britannica School has excellent entries on "plants," "trees," and "deforestation" (do a separate search using each key word). Remember that you can start with an "intermediate" search, but if you are looking for more depth, you can always do an "advanced" search. You can also adjust the reading level of an article.

Brain Pop Videos

Brain Pop has a number of useful videos related to this unit! You could watch videos about seed plants or seedless plants, plant growth, carbon cycle, wildfires, and more. You need to log in first.

User name:  aiszambia

Password:  goleopards

Deforestation Threatens Biodiverse Zambia