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Gr7 I&S Sapiens: Home

Use the resources on this libguide to explore human evolution, the transition from foraging to farming, and the systems that allowed humans (prehistoric and present-day) to survive and thrive around the world.

"Life improved for humans after farming was invented."

Using evidence from the sources below to support your position, defend, qualify or refute this statement

Post your Defend-Qualify-Refute on this Padlet. 

General Research Tools

Articles of Interest

AISL Library Youtube Playlist of Survive & Thrive Videos

Foraging vs. Farming Gallery Box

Hunter-Gatherer Shelters

Map & Illustration of Life in Catal Huyuk

Code of Hammurabi page 1

Code of Hammurabi page 2

Foraging vs. Farming Sources PDF

Newsela Text Set for Survive & Thrive

BrainPop Agricultural Revolution

User name: aiszambia

Password: goleopards

Brain Pop Human Evolution

User name: aiszambia

Password: goleopards